At Immerse Artists Experience, ALL dancers are seen, valued, and important. From the moment you arrive, you FEEL the difference. We have created an experience that brings inclusiveness, joy, technique, heart, fun, and personalization back to the scene. Dancers at Immerse train under some of the industry’s most qualified instructors, dancers, and choreographers who care about teaching the class rather than performing for the class. We have real classes of substance, not classes that rush through combos only to run groups for thirty minutes. All throughout the day, our faculty encourages dancers to be kind and supportive of each other, instilling the importance of being inspired by the person next to them.

Our acclaimed faculty consists of incredibly talented and highly respected dancers, choreographers, and educators. Their resumes cover it all: Broadway, television, film, videos, and world tours. Our friendly staff is top-notch having years of experience within dance studios, competitions, and conventions. We seek to provide nothing but the best overall experience for everyone.

We don’t put on a convention….We provide an EXPERIENCE. Immerse is truly a unique and fun dance event! Dancers train with amazing instructors in a wide variety of styles where there is an equal emphasis on technique, artistry, and performance. We take a holistic approach to dance by engaging the mind, movement, and the spirit. The faculty shares the passion of teaching in a positive and all-inclusive way. Our exciting, nurturing, engaging, and interactive classes provide dancers with tools to help them succeed.

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